Welcome To Olivias

Places like Olivias are few and far between. Visit Olivias just for a bite or a fantastic short Illy cappuccino.

Olivias CoffeeBake opened in 2000 creating fresh breads and other goodies in a stunningly cottage looking shop located in Gauteng’s upper side, Northcliff. We offer one of the best breakfast menu’s in the area. Whether you are looking to go out to catch a bite or just have a cup of coffee with some friends we remain a neighborhood place where everything is handmade on the premises, fresh every day.

Olivias pastries are equally seasonal and artfully inventive, a coffee-bar anomaly in these days of scones and muffins. Olivias is famous for its wheat less rye, quiche’s, milk tarts and hot buttered Chelsea buns to name a few. Our sit down menu is extensive and offers something for everyone.


History Of Olivias

Olivias was opened in 2000 and was named after Johns late mother. Olivia, being an immigrant from Cyprus arrived in South Africa at the age of 18 and married John’s father in an arranged marriage.

Being from overseas and not very fluent in English the family structure became very important to her. Her home was always filled with family and friends and she always served wonderful meals and desserts.

This open house family vibe has been continued through to the store. You will always find customers who are made to feel at home and part of the Oilvias Family. John would like to invite you to come and meet himself and his management team of Greg and Washington.


07:00 TO 17:30


07:00 TO 17:00


07:00 – 13:00


John worked in his father’s coffee shops and restaurants from a very young age, where he learnt the art of food and customer service. He completed his studies at WITS and obtained a law degree. Thereafter, he ventured into the food game where he has been ever since.


Washington has been working with John for 25 years, since he arrived in South Africa from Zimbabwe. Now General Manager at Olivias, you’ll always find Washington on the floor, taking care of customers needs and ensuring everything runs smoothly.
Greg is married to John’s niece and has been working with John for the past 10 years. Greg is one of the General Managers at Olivias. He is always making sure the customers feel welcome and at home. Creating a home environment.
Mandla is the kitchen manager. He has been with John for more than 10 years and known as “Mr.Reliable of the store”